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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our soybeans will always be GM Free and responsibly sourced.

We source the highest quality of soybeans from Canada and China.

Yes, our products are all gluten free.

Yes, our marinated curry pieces do not contain any garlic or onion.

The cardboard outer sleeve on all of our products is recyclable.

The plastic food trays our Tempeh Pieces and Tempeh Spare Ribz are packaged in are also recyclable. Unfortunately, the plastic films are not yet recyclable.

At present, the plastic that encases our tempeh block is not yet recyclable. This type of packaging is required to keep the product airtight and prevent spoilage. We are constantly working with our packaging suppliers towards fully recyclable solutions.

All of our packaging is designed to minimise the amount of plastic use and we are committed to going plastic free by 2022.

Black spores on tempeh can occur during the fermentation period and are a sign that the fermentation process has fully matured. This type of spore is totally normal and edible.

Yes, you can freeze your tempeh for up to 9 months after purchasing.

You can fry or oven bake your tempeh – we suggest marinating in your favourite sauce then either oven baking for 15 – 20 minutes or shallow frying until golden.

We would love to talk – please get in contact with us using support@plant-power.co.uk.


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